Simplicity 2554: Flutterific


Flora flutters in a butterfly top

Another take on Simplicity 2554, this time view F, the top with butterfly sleeves.  It’s basically the tank top with some half circles sewn into the princess seams, then tacked at the neckline binding.

This fabric was just wonderful to sew.  Both the print and the solid are rayon jersey knits that feel just lovely:  soft, silky and so smooth on the skin.  Yum! The top itself was all sewn on the serger.  I imported the fitting changes I discovered when I made the first version.

Since the pattern has been around for a while, I checked the reviews on Pattern Review, and found a lot of comments about the under side showing.  The more I looked at the pattern, the more it said “Color Blocking” to me.  So, color blocking it is.  Using a solid color for the sleeves meant I didn’t have to worry about the underside of the print being exposed.

The sleeves come down quite a ways on the front of the top.  On the back, they pretty much stop at the shoulder blade.

Even though the top fits nicely, and feels lovely, I find I am still of two minds about it.  I want to like it, but there’s a little niggling voice in the back of my head saying it makes me look like a matron trying to recapture her not-wanton-enough youth.

Then again, I may just say to hell with it, and be a Flutterific Wanton Matron.

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  1. THIS IS JUST BEAUTIFUL, SOMETHING ONE DOES NOT SEE AT ANY STORES! the colors are outstanding and would good with any color bottoms… tights? or would that be to butterfly like? You really do great stuff!

  2. “Flutterific Wanton Matron.” Hilarious!!! running through the grocery store like a Wanton Matron on her way to a really insanely fun social affair. Like my Grandma used to say about “iffy” sewing situations: Just keep moving! No one can tell the difference on a galloping horse!

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