Kwik Sew 3790, Take 2


Flora ruches about in Kwik Sew 3790

Another take on Kwik Sew 3790, this time in a lovely rayon knit.  The top sewed up super quick.  Too quickly in fact.  There I was, zipping right along (zigzag, not serger) and Wham!

The sewing goddesses (or gods) whap me upside the head.  “Girrrl!  What are you doing?” they said.

Of course I jumped, not being used to sewlestial voices speaking to me directly, and ended up snipping a hole in the face of the top while I was trimming the binding.

The salty language of a former hash house harrier spewed forth.  I was not happy.  Not pleased at all.

I tell you, some days, those voices just have to know when to be quiet!

Once I calmed down and took a second look, it wasn’t that bad.  I thought I could patch it, so out came the Bo Nash powder and a teflon ironing sheet.  I tore a hole in the middle of a post-it note to make a template, so the powder wouldn’t get all over, and sprinkled some on the back.  Lifted the paper away, and very gently laid down a scrap of fabric over the hole, followed by the teflon sheet.

A little heat from the iron (no steam) and all seamed to be well.

I’ve worn the top, and you can’t tell there’s a hole in it.  The fabric being a bright, active print helps, I am sure.

Is there a moral to this story?  Besides the fact that I still know how to swear like a sailor?

  1. Don’t let the sewing goddesses interrupt you when you’re concentrating
  2. A little patch goes a long way.

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  1. LOL. After being a cat stand and now the recipient of divine-ish correction you deserve a break! I had forgotten all about Bo-Nash bonding powder, thx for the reminder 🙂

  2. I’ve done the exact same thing. Had some WonderUnder to help. Of course when I first did it – I saw a “HUGE” hole. Funny how it gets smaller over time :-). I don’t notice it anymore, and no one else ever had.

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