Deco Redux


I fnished this Friday night, and must say, I am quite pleased with it.  The pattern is from the most recent issue of Beadwork or Bead & Button, I’m too lazy to look it up right now I don’t remember which.

It’s a peyote base made with 4mm matte cubes, then embellished with 10° hex cut seed beads and 3mm Czech crystals.

Since my cubes were larger than the crystals, I had to add in some small (size 13°) spacer beads to fill the gaps.  I think this enhances the color, and give the overall piece a bit more depth.

The edge is a standard picot, with crystals and regular seed beads.

Crystals and hex beads both have sharp edges, which are prone to cutting regular nylon beading thread.  I used 6# Fireline to do the stitching.  Yes, this is the very same Fireline that’s found in your local sporting goods store, in the fishing aisle.  It’s used with fly rods, but has migrated to the beading world with great ease.

Fireline is particularly suited to sharp-edged beads as it is a very fine cable, which doesn’t abrade easily.  Don’t cut this stuff with your good scissors! It will chew up the blades.

This bracelet closes with a big snap! Literally, and figuratively.

I didn’t extend the picot edging around the tab (front) of the bracelet, as I thought the extra beads might get caught on clothing.  I also liked the smooth tab better.  Just my tastes.

If you look closely at the top picture, the bracelet seems to have a wave effect, and it does indeed.  The sections that are embellished form gentle curves.  Like the various shiny and matte finishes, this adds to the overall interest.

Another keeper!

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