There hasn’t been a lot of sewing at Casa Thunderpaws, though there has been a lot of thinking about sewing.  To wit I have done a fitting muslin of the La Fred Europa blouse.  I have cut it out of the fashion fabric, and that’s pretty much where things now sit.  I have been thinking (again with the thinking! Probably way too much of that going on) about how to complete it.

See, the fabric is white, and I’m waffling – to line, underline, or just go with some skin-toned fabric for the facings, and hope for minimal show through.  As soon as I figure out what I want, I’m sure it won’t take much time at all to complete.  Ahem.  Yes.  Famous last words.  Won’t take long at all.

In the meantime, Sissie over at Sew Very Slow has asked me to make up a beaded piece for her.  She saw a design she liked, and after an exchange of pictures and e-mails, I think I can copy it off.  I’ve been stitching up a sample the past couple of nights – more TV work.  This is one of the color-ways I think she might like

and this is the other 2-color combination.  I think the delicas for this method could be a little brighter, but I like the crispness of green on the right.  She’s asked for something like celery or chartreuse.  If only there was standardization among color names!  I guess we could go with Pantone color numbers, but then, that assumes everyone has Pantone color swatches.

Pantone, in their infinite wisdom,  decided to stop producing their consumer swatch books – so those are now hard to come by too.

There’s a 3-day weekend coming up in the US. I’m hoping to spend quality time sewing with The EnterpriseWhat’s that?  You don’t name your sewing machines?


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  1. LOVE the beads. I suppose the second set is more like the color in my head. Here’s the truth – I’ll love it whatever! LOL about the inconsistency in naming colors. Wanna talk embroidery threads? (I want a job with OPI naming the latest, greatest nail polish!!!)

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