New Look 6569 – Finally Finished


I stopped working on this skirt over a year ago.  In fact, I blogged about it too.  Since then, it’s sat in a stack waiting for it’s fate to be decided.  Would it ever be finished?  Would I find the patience to do all the niggling little tasks that were needed to make it work?

Well, I must say I am quite pleased to both have kept it (this skirt narrowly escaped a trip to Wadderville on several occasions), and to have finally finished it.  Yay! Yippee! Happy Dance!

There were quite a number of things I had to do, not the least of which was rip out most of what I’d already sewn.  The facings had stretched, and were not going to work as they were.

Here’s what I did to finish it:

  • Remove zipper
  • Remove skirt bottom from yoke.
  • Cut a new yoke and facing (same pattern piece) – thankfully I saved the leftover fabric.
  • Attach new yoke to skirt
  • Re-insert zipper very carefully as I’d cut off the top zipper stop, and I didn’t want to have the slider go zinging off, never to be seen again.
  • Tack facing down
  • Hem skirt
  • Hem lining

Having a sharp seam ripper was most helpful.  I’m glad I went back and finished the skirt, as I really do like the print.  It’s bright, summery and puts me in a good mood.


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