Rivoli Rosettes


This past Saturday I traveled to the far eastern reaches of Cactusville, actually, it would probably be Saguaro Hills, to bead with Jessica.  It was a very scenic trip, as the eastbound freeway was closed.  Completely.  I didn’t know the DOT still did things like that – completely close down freeways.  Anyway, it made for an interesting drive.  I had the opportunity to see parts of the valley I’ve never seen before.

Jessica, of course, beaded up a storm, finishing a necklace, earings and a matching bracelet, none of which I have pictures of, because I forgot the camera.  I made these:  Rivoli Rosettes.

They are 14mm Swarovski rivolis in the center, with a beaded bezel surrounding them, and lucite beads used as petals.  It’s actually an interpretation of a design in the September Bead & Button… but I like mine better.

They were fairly easy to put together, once I started working on them, which meant we could gab to our heart’s desire.   The lucite beads (leaves actually) make the whole piece light and easy to wear.

I’m thinking these may be this year’s Christmas gift to female family and friends.

I can see several of these clustered on the lapel of a jacket or coat, or maybe attached to a bag of some sort.

Of late I’ve been trying to make the backs of my beaded work look as nice as the front.  To achieve this I used ultra-suede as the backing, and poked the pin backs though it.  Everything is then edged in a beaded stitch.


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  1. I was cleaning out my old email folders and came accross your site address. I have spent a wonderful sad hour going through your old posts. We’re getting old aren’t we? All our pets are gone now except for the cat Mocha. We have lots of out door pets, horses, sheep, fish, and Guinea fowl, but the indoor pets are getting old like us. I am on face book with pictures of the place if you want to look. Hope all is well with you and prince charming ;).

    • Old yes, but aging like fine wine – except for the pet loss part.
      They never last as long as we’d like them too…but it makes room
      for new furry friends.

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