Arrr Mateys!


Arr Mateys, it’s September 19th and we all know what that means – it’s Talk like a Pirate day!  To get your Jolly Roger up and running, a bit of swashbuckling syllabobblery.

A pirate walked into a bar.
He ordered neat rum in a jar,
Then swallowed it down
And said with a frown:
“I’m trying to find the pissoir!”

There was an old pirate called Justin
Who keeps the place shipshape by dustin’
He’s a glorious mover
When he pushes the Hoover
But the state of his washing’s disgustin’

Of course, besides Pirate limericks, which are the traditional sort, there is also pirate haiku.  I guess perhaps those pirates would sail in the Sea of Japan?

The plank is ready
It’s Talk like a Pirate Day
Can you walk the walk?

There are also the naughty Pirate limericks, of which there are many.   This being a, well…  at least a PG-13 blog, I won’t include the racier ones.

Miss Molly’s a lady quite blunt.
For handsome young pirates she’d hunt.
In quite boisterous shows,
Now everyone knows,
She caught one and he’s licking her….toes!

Let’s all of us don our best Jack Sparrow imitations, and talk like a Pirate today.  Remember to swish when you swashbuckle.   Enjoy!

The first limerick is courtesy of Australian poet Graeme King.  Images are embroidery designs from Urban Threads.


3 responses »

  1. Well, me matey so sweet,
    Yar blog’s got me all in a heat.

    Tis the day to talk all complete
    like a pirate with treasure so deep.

    PS. I noticed a new symbol on the logo of Ravelry. Hover over it it and it says, “Raverlry! Yarrr!!”

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