Bountiful Blossoms


Flora gets Flowerful

Rather than sewing I got out the embroidery unit for The Enterprise, and thought I’d put some designs on the blank t-shirts that were laying about.  Nothing quite like a blank slate to either whet one’s appetite, or strike fear into your nether regions.  Sometimes both.

The T-shirts were courtesy of a sale at Targét.  For $4, I can’t afford to make them.  I picked up a bunch of colors, some of which will remain solids.  Three were decorated.

This design is from Bobbi Bullard, the self-proclaimed Queen of Bling.  It’s called
On the Table.  There are options to stitch it with and without crystals.  Naturally, I chose with crystals.  You can also stitch it as a single color design, a la vintage linens, but what would be the fun in that?

It took 2 hoopings, but Bobbi gives you registration marks to get everything lined up properly.  Since The Enterprise is self-threading, all the color changes aren’t nearly as much headache as you would think.

The second shirt I used a design that was stock, or internal to my machine.  I hardly ever use these, and thought it might be time to give it a whirl.

I enlarged it the allowed 20% – the brains of these newfangled machines will only let you re-size designs a certain amount.

Variegated thread, and some crystals which pick up the flower colors give a little added zing…and we all know zing is a good thing!

Earlier I mentioned putting designs on 3 shirts.  Well, #3 is on its way to Wadderville.  While the design stitched fine, once it was washed, it puckered something fierce, and I do enough ironing already.  Ironing t-shirts is just not going to happen!

I’m not sure what went wrong.  I probably need to spend more time playing with the embroidery unit than I do.  Alas, I tend to embroider in spurts which isn’t always a good method for achieving mastery – of this skill or any other.

Flora-l Bouquet


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    The T’s are goregous and BLING is good & they are flowers at that.
    Had a couple floral meetings but just did not want to get in the car and drive anywhere. Trying to get some cleanup in the house before going to NV. I want cat sitters to be able to move around a little!
    Lov to all, mom

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