J Stern T – Again


Flora spots something causal

Two weeks ago (Geez, was it really 2 weeks?  Sheesh!) I had a hankering to sew up something quick, that would also use up the dribs and drabs leftover from other projects.

You know – the pieces that are too large to throw out, but you already have one, or more garments made from them.  That’s what happened here, and I swear, this is the last garment from the red leopard print.

The sleeveless version of the J Stern T fit the bill perfectly.  It takes a minimal amount of fabric, is totally serged, and works up really easily.  None of which explains why it sat for over 2 weeks on the table waiting to be hemmed.

Last night I dove in and finished it up.  Today, I’m wearing it.  Now that’s what I call instant sewing gratification!

Even better, all my armscye and neckline modifications are incorporated into the tissue so I don’t have to fuss with fit.  Very Nice.

This makes 3 tops I have from this red leopard print, each of them a little different.  I must say, I got my money’s worth from 2 yards of sale knit at Fabric.com

Some of you may think a red leopard print is a bit strong, but I work from home, so no one but the cats and Prince Charming sees these garments.  The perky colors certainly help when the unmanageably demanding clients silly people are out in force.


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