Butterfly and Goodnight


Another nightie from Butterick 6838.  I twiddled a bit with attaching the yoke on this one, so though you can’t see it, the inside is much nicer and less Beckly-Home-Ecky looking than the first one.  (No offense to any Becky reading this blog)

The fabric, from Fabric.com was originally intended to be a shirt.  But after washing, it just seemed a bit too thin for that.  Then, I remembered Mom saying what a difficult time she had finding thin cotton nighties to wear during the Summer.  That led to Butterfly and Goodnight.  I think it turned out quite well.

I suppose I could peruse a lepidoptera book, to see if these are real butterflies, or an artists’ rendition, but don’t think I will.  Some mystery needs to remain in the world, don’t you think?

Mom will get this when she comes to visit in November, as part of her holiday presents.  Yes, she reads this blog.

Sorry Mom!  You have to wait.


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  1. HOW WONDERFUL . . . THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. i just love it, and I am so into butterflies; pocket? a small one maybe for a tissue?? Just a tiny thought with a leftover scrap///

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