Meet Fiona


Fiona Thunderpaws

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our Tribe, Fiona Thunderpaws.   To set the record straight from the beginning, that’s Fiona, after the character in Burn Notice:  gun-toting, explosive, capable and adept.  She is not named after the princess sidekick of a green ogre.

We’ve been feeding a family of stray cats all summer.  Fiona joined them about 2 moths ago. but was obviously not feral.  She was noisy and unafraid of humans, though a bit skittish.

One evening, about 2 weeks ago, she munched down her kibble, but kept hollering and hollering, so Prince Charming went to investigate.  (You know where this is going, don’t you?) Long story short, in he brought her, and in she’s been ever since.

We took her to the vet the very next day, both to see if she had been chipped (she wasn’t) and to make sure she didn’t have any contagious diseases the rest of our fur babies might catch.

A clean bill of health.  Quite surprising, given she’d been outside for so long.

The vet estimates she’s about 6 months old.  She will get fixed and chipped next week.  Shhhh!  Don’t tell her she has another trip to the vet.

She’s getting along famously with the Hellboys.  There is much chasing around, mostly of the “Tag!  You’re it!” variety.

Claire, our most senior at 17 has accepted her.  The two of them can be periodically found grooming each other.

Fi has the throatiest purr of any cat we’ve ever owned.  I’d say she’s been smoking unfiltered cigarettes and drinking bourbon, to get that purr, but cats don’t do either of those things.  Besides, she’s too young to smoke.

Did I mention Fiona has racing stripes?  I’m sure this means she will become a regular speed demon once she’s  settled in.

Fiona with racing stripes


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    So glad I know how to spell your name, it is very special. You found the right home where there is a lot of love and caring and you can be Claire’s caregiver. Stripes are so “in” these days= a real fashionista.
    Looking forward to meeting you personally.

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