Deco Mori


Deco Mori

Another deco cuff, this time in maroons, black and red.  Deco Mori.  I really like this colorway.  It has a goth sensibility, but still maintains a certain chicness as well.  All that, and I’m a sucker for this pattern because it’s so easy to stitch up.

However, I think this one will be the last for a while.  I have three now, none of which are slated to be gifts.  Mine!  All Mine! Bwaahaaahaaa!  Ahem.  Yes, getting a little possessive there.

Not much else to say about it really.  Again stitched while watching listening to TV.  I like the understated-ness of the colors.


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  1. I was at a Ikebana meeting yesterday and stopped at the Spanish village area to see the various crafts, AND simple woven bead braclets were $75 ++. Sooo my Dear, you have quite a “stash” there!
    Today Thu, I plan to go to my LaJolla garden meeting in about an hour. I think I will wear Halloween colors and my pumkin earrings for the occasion. HUGS TO ALL.

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