Hot Patterns: Plain & Simple Tee


Simple sewing this weekend, simply finished.

This is my muslin, wearable, believe it or not, of the Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Tee.

It is exactly that: plain and simple.  All sewn on the serger in a remnant poly/spandex knit.  Coverstitch for the hems.

This is one of the earlier Hot Patterns issues, though it is still in rotation.  The top comes with your choice of three different necklines – scoop, modified V (meaning you can lean over and not have the girls show) and boat neck.

This is the scoop neck.  It’s nice because it’s not too scoopy doopy doo.

I cut a straight 12 for the back, and a 10 grading to a 12 at the bottom for the front.  Once things were quasi-assembled, I ended up scaling down one size on both the front and back, until about waist level, keeping the 12 at the lower edge for both pieces.

What would I do differently next time?  Lengthen it about an inch.  I tend to like my knits with a deep hem, and this pattern does not have that built in.  Facings are also provided; I didn’t use them.  Just make a binding about 1 1/2 inches less than the neck measurement.  Easy peasy.

Like all the early Hot Patterns patterns (say that 3 times fast) the instructions on this one were marginal, without pictures.  But really, it’s a t-shirt! Are instructions necessary?

I can see this becoming a staple in my pattern repertoire, made up in all sorts of interesting prints.


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