I spent the holiday weekend making these little cuties.  The two homespun-looking ones on the ends use boiled wool.  The one in the center is a printed cotton, not quite canvas weight.

They were fun to make.  I had to do a bit of thinking (Oh my!  Oh my!) to figure out how best to fill them.  I’m not a fan of pincushions made with polyester stuffing.  They seem insubstantial and well, just kind of silly to me.  I like something with a little heft.  So, there was experimentation!  Yes, a regular science lab going on – to use sand, or crushed walnuts.  How to encase either of these so a trail of grit didn’t follow me around the house?  I mean, really, who wants a pincushion that isn’t potty trained?

In the end, I used some old nylon stockings as a liner, stuffed into the pincushion, and filled the whole thing using a metal kitchen funnel.  The funnel allowed me to get into the corners, ensuring there were no empty spots.  The winner? Crushed walnuts.  Even with two stockings and the exterior fabric, the sand still seeped out through some of the stitching.

As expected, Max promptly made off with both of the wool ones.  Not once, not twice, but thrice!  The not-so-little-any-more devil!  So, for the forseeable future, I’ll use the one in the center, and see how well it works.  I don’t think it will hold all 500 new pins, but it should come close.

If not, there are other ideas percolating!


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  1. How darling each one is. The wool designs are wonderful and of course Max wants them for himself. OK, never mind my cat indulgence, put it off to being charmed out of my mind. The stuffing I’ve heard is the best is hardwood sawdust, encased in a tightly woven cotton duck, then covered in your gorgeous creations. I’m happily sticking pins in Styrofoam so I haven’t made any, but you might look up a cabinet shop or woodworker in your area. There are generally cute, helpful gentlemanly men hanging around these kinds of places 🙂

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