Dagger Drips


These are the latest beading trend at Chez Thunderpaws.  I am amazed that something which is so simple to stitch turns out looking so pretty and complex.  The yellow is a gift, the lavender crystal is pour moi!  I even have a sweater to wear with it.

The stitch is what I think of as a modified daisy – where the thread path goes around to the left for one group, then around to the right for the next.  It’s actually a lot more difficult to write about than to do.  A second pass attaches the daggers with a netting-like stitch.  I know, it sounds really convoluted, but I make these while watching listening to TV, so how difficult can it be?

Interestingly enough, I had all the little size 15° beads, and the daggers & drops, but what I couldn’t find, at least, not in a price range I was willing to pay, was the round beads that form the core of the design.  Who’d have thought that would be difficult?

It takes about 300 of the central beads to make one of these, so I had to be sure I had enough.  The yellow was close – there may be 10 left over?

I’ll make a couple more of these over the next day or two, then I’ll  be bored with the design and move on to something new.  Ideas are percolating!


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  1. Beautiful! where can I find the instructions/pattern for these? This would make an excellent take along project when I’m away from home on business trips.


    • It’s part of a book/thick magazine with a title something like “Top 40 Jewelry Designs” put out by Beadwork. If you were to check their web site, you could probably find the instructions in PDF format for a nominal fee.

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