Holiday Hold-out


Our holidays were festive, but quiet.  There was just the five of us – 2 humans, to operate the can opener, and 3 cats to eat what came out of the can.  Prince Charming and I didn’t even do our usual Julia Child cooking-everything-from-scratch routine, but instead opted for simple: grilled tuna with veggies and his signature caesar salad.

All this simplicity meant there was a chance to sew, and sew I did!  I even finished these little lovelies in time for Christmas dinner.  Is that cool or what?

I couldn’t decide whether to use the light blue or the light green as the accent, so I made no decision at all, and used them both.  Does that count as a decision?

The placematts are quilted with pine trees.  This was all done free-hand, so the actual stitching looks more Seussical than botanical, which I like.  I also prefer the non-traditional color way.  A person gets so tired red, green and gold this time of year…

Once again, I used some of the metallic thread to highlight the print.  Why is it I can quilt with this stuff, but can’t embroider with it?

Being seasonal, these will eventually be washed and put away when the decorations come down.  I have another set I’m working on which will stay out all year.  Bright and cheery!


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  1. Those are really pretty and sooo original. What a pleasure to finally have some time to just “crash”!! That spa treat from Prince Charming was such a great idea, maybe he needs one to(?) I am currently on a “hunt” for a missing lavendar Ugg boot somewhere in my bedroom and they practially new. Fiona is trying to help me, of course. Such a doll.

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