Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Cactus ready to party in 2011

No, not really.  It’s cold outside.   I mean, really cold, for Cactusville.   This is how you protect cactus from frost – give them party hats!

I know the rest of the nation, and many other places have much worse winters than we do here in the Southwest, however we’re under a freeze warning today, which is very unusual.  In fact, as I look out my window, it is snowing right now.  Yup!  Flaky white stuff falling from the sky.

So yesterday, when word went out to expect frost,  it was time to decorate the cactus and swaddle the citrus, lest they succumb to the freezing temps and pass on to that great garden in the sky.

This morning, when I went to check on things, I was met with this icy little number.  The sugar water in the hummingbird feeder has frozen.  Amazing!

Lest you think we’re all a bunch of weather wimps here, marveling at a mere 32°F (0°C), I challenge those from colder climes to spend a summer basking in our 115 degree glory.

Weather.  It’s all relative!


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  1. AMMAZZING!!! I wondered if the bad weather would affect you in Phoenix. I loved the party hats just great. It is cold here but I have more than enough foul weather gear for it, say “down” and UGG boots (at least 5 prs) and being a natural fabric person (cashmere, wool, alpaca) it keeps me very toasty. I have been to Eddie Bauer, REI, and other sports places and everything is plastic, poly, acryln and they are skimping on the zippers with ONLY one pully so a person cannot open up just the bottom of a jkt/swt to make it easier to get in a car or sit down.
    Fiona Flash . . . . she likes the Sci. Diet I got her and shares if with Buttons. She has really overcome the house obstales in her running and manages to bound to any & all windows. When she meows I am not sure if she wants something or is just conversing. Thank you for bringing her here.
    Hugs to all

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