Button Audition


I am flummoxed.  Indecisive.  Uncertain.

So, rather than make no decision, or spend time second guessing myself for days, I’m holding a button audition.  That’s right, your assistance in absolutely necessary!

This is the shirt, as much as you get to see of it.  The buttons go on the checkerboard.  The accent is the red in the corner.

Which buttons should I use?

  • Matte Red
  • White Shell (antique)
  • Grey Shell (antique)
  • White shirting
  • Red Sparkle

I need your help folks!  Consider this a plea unto the Internet.  Which buttons should I use? Don’t be shy.  Leave a comment.  Let me know, because truly, I don’t know which way to turn, and I want this #(*&%&#! shirt finished!


7 responses »

    You know I have such conservative tastes>>>>
    Then again the white shell isn’t too bad as a back up.
    Hugs to all from grandmeow & fiona. The little monkey used the stems on my glasses as a teething ring while I was sleeping the other night,, I wanted new ones anyway.

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