Ouroboros Bracelets

Ouroboros:  an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating it’s own tail.  Don’t these look dragon-like and scaly?  Can you see the mists rising from the moor as fell sounds permeate the air, the hairs on your arms standing on end.  Quick!  Don’t look over your shoulder.

These are my take on the Ouroboros bracelet design by Kate McKinnon The pattern and instructions were in the December issue of either Bead & Button or Beadwork – I forget which.  It is also available in Jewelry Architect Ms. McKinnon’s most recent book.

I like these, though I think they need a stronger statement clasp.  Alas, these toggles are what I had on hand.  Using a more mechanical clasp, like a lobster claw, would take away from their earthiness, I think.

The bracelet is created in pieces – the primary band and end flares are one unit.  The nesting flares are additional units.  The whole is completed by stringing all the components together, with some statement beads at the end.

The bands feel slinky and substantial when worn.  The printed instructions say to further embellish the bands, but I’m not sure that is needed, nor am I certain it would be comfortable to wear.

Even more surprisingly, this is all done with herringbone or Ndebele stitch.  One stitch creates such a variation of shape and form.  I see a lot of experimentation in the future, this being such a versatile design.

To the question you are all thinking, but have not asked – the purple one stays with me.  The others?  Well, they’re too large for my wrist.  Interested?


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  1. YES, YES, I AM INTERESTED, like the blue green one. They are just great and I would take it to the bead meeting when I find out the date. they are funky, and soo out of the ordinary. mom

  2. They do seem very snake like; I can just imagine how they would feel slithering across your wrist. I have big wrists you know. Just saying.

    As usual, just amazing!

  3. I bet they would fit MY wrist! =) Green is my favorite color you know. It still blows my mind how you work a needle and thread. It’s so far beyond any skill level I could hope for. These are beautiful!

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