Quick Cat Toy


Or how to re-purpose old socks

Ingrediments for a quick cat toy:

  • a pair of old socks, with a little stretch left in the elastic
  • a tub of catnip

Put your hand into the sock, like you’re going to be acting with sock puppets.  Everyone remember how to do that? I turned this one inside out, as I wanted to have the fringy bits show when it’s completed.  You don’t have to turn it inside out.

Scoop up a bunch of catnip from the tub.  I don’t measure.  This is quick and simple.  You want enough to fill just the toe of the sock.

Turn the sock right side out, still holding onto the wad of catnip.  Basically, you’re pulling the body of the sock over the hand holding the catnip.   Roll it into a ball, starting at the toe.  This is how I was taught to pair and roll socks when I was a kid, doing laundry.  Same principle.

One pair of old socks gives you two cat toys.  Our Tribe hasn’t unrolled the socks yet.  Crushing the catnip will refresh the scent.  This happens when I unexpectedly step on these.  Nice thing is they don’t hurt your feet when that happens.

Manic Max with his new toy.  Yum!



5 responses »

  1. Hummm, you might want to put a few stitches attaching the cuff to the body so you don’t end up with catnip all over your house. Max does look rather fierce.

  2. Thank goodness I have comu=puter outlet at work, or could never see this. I get stressed when I cannot get internet to work, called T/W at least 3 times. It works for one (1) program then goes back to CANNOT CONNECT!!! ugh

  3. What a really neat idea! Im always seeing cute cat themed toddler socks for sale but having no children I never had reason to buy them. Now you have givin me the perfect excuse….. I can tell the cashier, “Its for my cats” just to see her shocked expression.

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