Butterick 5525


Or the shirt that almost wasn’t.

I thought about calling this post Butterick or Bust, then decided to try a few more things, like actually stitching the side seams and trying the shirt on a second time, before declaring it a total wadder.  I even tried it on right-side out.  Am I the only one who tries on muslins wrong side out, so I can fiddle with the seams?

Imagine my surprise when doing so produced something almost wearable, and not the tweak infested nightmare I had during the first try out.  There are still some things that need to be modified – like raising the neckline in front, and reducing the curve in the body, but these are minor and simple to achieve.

Other things I took note of – this fabric is a cotton knit.  While it has enough stretch according to the pattern envelope, the recovery is not as nice as it could be.  I think this pattern would benefit from a stretchier knit.

I am undecided if I need to make a forward shoulder adjustment.  Probably, but then I’ll have to get out the fitting books to learn how.  The back neck gaps a little as well, so perhaps taking the seams in there.

Overall, what has surprised me the most about this is my attitude towards it.  I had thought it would be a fast & dirty shirt to sew…and was disappointed when it didn’t turn out perfectly the first time.

Having set it aside for a while, then tried it on the way I would wear it in real life (right side vs. wrong side – and what is this life if not real?  surreal?) I am more likely to twiddle and see if I can get it to fit.

See, there’s nice fabric in the stash waiting for this pattern.  In particular the gathered light-blue version in the envelope picture.  A nice soft printed knit.  Maybe a stretch lace, with the body backed by a different color, and the sleeves left lacy.  I like the combination of raglan sleeves and a quasi-cowl neck.  It’s a nice variation from the standard knit styles.

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