What goes bump in the bright?

Why a group of bumpy beaded-bead necklaces, of course!

These four necklaces were a lot of fun to put together.  Some work, too, as the beaded beads took a fair amount of time to assemble.  Lots of tiny stitches.

I like these necklaces a lot.  They’re fun.  Colorful.  Can’t you just imagine the conversation they’re having?  All giggles and silliness.

They’re a great antidote to the winter blahs.  I even got to use some of the new powder coated chain I picked up in Tucson.  Nice stuff.

Why four colorways?  I have no idea, other than once I got started pulling things together, that’s just how many there were.  Each one is a little different.

De-Tails:  The bumpy / polka dotted beads were some of the first ones I ever purchased, back when I shopped for quantity over quality.  Which is not to say they aren’t pleasant, but you do have to check for consistancy.  The beaded beads are delicas and size 15° seeds, with crystal accents.

These pieces are a combination of stringing and stitching.  I added  some large Czech crystals to  space the design out, and give a little more sparkle.

Some of the designs are asymmetrical, with chain on one side, while others are balanced.  You can see how small some of the beads are in these photos.

I think these will be just the thing to brighten up a dreary day, or dress up simple jeans and t-shirts.


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  1. Very nice!! I love the bright playfulness in these pieces. You’ve done nice work with all those lovely beads. I’m off on Friday and Monday, so I’m hoping at some point this weekend I will get to some of the beading ideas I brought home from our trip. Keep those beautiful projects coming!

  2. THESE ARE BEADS WITH “CHICKEN POX’ but not contagiuous. They are just the accessories for these dismal days . Another outstanding creation, good job!! I am doing better. HUGS

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