A place for Every Thing and Everything in it’s place

All the goodies from the most recent expedition tidied and put away.  This is, oh, maybe 6 years of accumulation.

What’s that you say?  Stash?  A stash of beads?  Why yes, yes, I do believe it is.  But, it’s not my fault.  I blame it all on Bob.

He was the one who got me started on beads.  My paltry assortment pales when compared to Bob the Master Beader.  There are yet kilos to accrue, strands to stabilize and clasps to accumulate before I even draw close to his collection.

Fabric, on the other hand…let’s just agree to not go there, shall we?


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  1. AMAZING.. . .where did this talent for organizing come from??? This should keep you occupied for a few months!! For the last 4 months I have been trying to encase all the current sweaters I bought on sale before the moths got to them. Fiona and I are doing OK, she does not like thunder.

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