Happy Birthday


to Me!

Today is my birthday, so Happy Birthday to Me!

My good friend Earin flew into town to help celebrate my birthday.  She flew in bearing gifts.  Lovely, beautiful, handmade gifts.  This is one of them.  A lacy hand knitted shell.  I sew.  Earin knits.   Earin knits beautiful, wonderful things.

The shell has this delicate lacy stitch at the top.

Even with the openwork, it’s quite warm with a t-shirt underneath.  For the knitters among you, I believe the yarn is a linen/cotton blend.  I have no idea of the pattern name, or yarn name, or color name…  Perhaps Earin will leave a comment and enlighten us?

Even the bottom edge is decorative.  There’s a scallop worked into the edge, which gives a nice heft to the bottom.  It is truly wonderous to have such a friend.


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  1. Really lovely, and the color can go with so many things. The lacey top effect is so unusual. Just the thing for chilly days.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Suzy! It was an honor to spend it with you. The shell is called Arrowhead Lace and there is also a wonderful cardigan that goes with it. The pattern is in a great book by Ann McCauley called Together or Separate: Knitting the New Twinset. It is not hard Sylvia! But, if you want a very simple shell I will go a-searching for a pattern.

    The yarn is Knitpicks Cotlin – 70% Tanquis Cotton and 30% Linen. It’s a dk weight (around 5 stitches to the inch) and the colorway is called “Surf”. It was lovely to work with, machine washable and you can dry it on low. Not too bad, and the price per skein is really reasonable.

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