drafted to my exact measurements!

Several weeks back, our local ASG chapter had their Spring Fling workshop.  One of the offerings was called “Pants Fitting”.  I signed up, thinking  it would be a fun birthday present for myself, and my good friend Earin.  As classes go, it was by far one of the very best classes, bar none, that I have ever taken.

Absolutely Fantastic! While the class description was “pants fitting” the class was actually creating a pants draft.  As in a pants pattern drafted to our own specific measurements.  I mean, really…  How Perfect Is That?

First we measured, and trust me, only a very, very good friend would be willing to get that close, and be honest about what the numbers are.  Then we drew a straight line on our tracing paper… and using our measurements,  blocked out the pattern piece by piece.  WaistHigh hipHipCrotch depth. Thigh. Knee.

Sometimes it reminded me of that old song – the hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone, or in our case, it was Line K is connected to Point M.

The instructor was great.  She took no nonsense from anyone, but also made sure no one fell behind or dawdled.

Last but not least was cutting the draft out of fabric, and doing a final fitting.  A couple of darts added in back, and Ta Da! Pants! Pants that fit! Pants that fit well! Regardless of their size or shape, everyone left that class with pants that fit.


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  1. Pants that fit! Pants that don’t bunch up, pants that don’t give you a wedgie. Pants that actually fit and make you look *slimmer*. WE LOVES IT. WE DOES! They fed us well too!

  2. WONDERFUL! ! After all these years of trying different brands, vendors, etc. you found the magic solution. And most of all whatever fabric/color you WANT… I am doing this at school and of course, I feel a cold coming on…damn sometimes I have to go to a different bldg. and don’t put on my jkt. so I get a chilll.
    Hugs to all MOM

  3. That was my big sister who taught you. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. She worked so hard getting ready for the class. It really blessed her heart to hear of your pleasure with her and the class.
    Sew on…

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