Jalie: Sweetheart Top


Hot off the needles, Jalie 2794: Sweetheart Top.  I’ve been wanting to make this up for ages.  It wasn’t until I re-organized the bins, and had this fabric staring at me from its plastic confines, whining piteously, that the urge was satisfied.

It’s a straight size W in the body, with a bit of bicep widening in the sleeves.  Size W?  Why yes, a W for Wonderful!  Jalie patterns are all sizes, from 4 toddler up to 20 or 22 (or X, Y, Z) in one envelope.  You find the appropriate line and trace it off onto tissue.  This is actually pretty easy, and allows for whatever size changes are needed by our individual figures.

The fabric is an ITY knit from…I forget where.   The green bands are a rayon lycra from the Evil Fabric Queen’s co-op.  The band color does not exactly match any of the greens in the print, but they all work harmoniously together.

I stitched the edges of the bands where they overlap the front.   This prevents them from popping up and flapping about, or otherwise misbehaving.

Alas, it will probably be many months before I have opportunity to wear this.  Cactusville is expected to reach 100 this weekend, which means the coolness of Winter is over.  The season for socks, pants and long sleeves won’t return until mid October.  I wonder how many consecutive days of 110+ we will have this Summer?


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