Yikes Stripes


Stripes, I think, can become addictive.  I know I was certainly addicted to this fabric.  A good thing too, as I have so much of it.  It’s classic.  It’s white.  It’s black.  It’s a variation on a theme, that theme being the HotPatterns Plain & Simple T.

I made one shirt for each flavor of neckline offered by the pattern; used the sleeve variations too!  Now that the fitting issues are over, best to make use of it.  I also needed the room which this fabric was occupying in the storage bins…but that’s fodder for another post.

I like the boat neck version. It reminds me of that scene in “French Kiss” where Meg Ryan is walking on the beach in Nice, having just completely flummoxed her soon-to-be ex-fiance.  I don’t have the relaxed linen trousers yet, but there is fabric here, waiting to completed.  Not that I’ll look like Meg Ryan, or start beach combing in Nice any time soon, but it’s a nice image all the same.

The tank top, I know, will become a summer staple.  It’s just one of those styles that goes with everything.  The scoop-necked T-shirt as well.

The short sleeve style is classic, and I played up the tank with some colored binding on the edges.

The binding on all of these is thick rayon knit.  The striped fabric is some sort of brushed poly – similar in weight to the cardigan sweaters that are showing up in stores right now.  Neither cotton-thin, nor sweatery-thick.  Just the right weight to combat overzealous air conditioning!

Speaking of cardigans, I think there’s still enough of this fabric to make one of those.  Maybe something with red accents (buttons?  inside binding?)  to go with the tank top.


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  1. How Cow! I’m seeing triple in variation. How cool! Somehow I keep seeing you in one of the funny little navel hats too….you know, the one with the piece of fabric hanging down the back. You’re on a beach, you’re holding some shells and your hair is blond and you have a cute little nose (not that your current nose isn’t adorable).

  2. I can see you in one of those large brimmed hats pushing a gondola thru the canals of Venice!!! now isn’t that a twist? of course I would be relaxing inside on the seat Huh what!!
    Hugs to all.

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