Sheared Outback


This is the fabric I’ve been working with of late.  It’s a short piled shearling on one side, and a faux-suede leopard on the other.  The two are bonded together into  a double-cloth.

It’s been…interesting.  The sewing area, and myself, look like we’ve taken a trip to a sheep ranch in the Australian outback.  Fur is, literally, everywhere.  Case in point – the shorts to the right are after I tried to brush them off.

Tenacious Fur.  Hmmm, shouldn’t there be a rapper by that name?

Anyway, after a bit of sewing trial and error, my machine agreed to stitch this stuff using the teflon foot.  Walking foot?  No.  Regular foot?  No.  Teflon finally proved the answer.

So, no doubt you’re all asking what is this most unusual fabric going to be?  Well.  Did you ask?  It’s….slipcovers.  For my friend L and her sweetie T.  Slipcovers for weight lifting equipment!  They will have the snazziest gym in the neighborhood.


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  1. Oh wow Beverly Haffer has been looking for this same type of fabric. Where did you find it? Like the animal print.

    • My friend got it at Hobby Lobby. She had to special order to get enough yardage, then it was on back-order for a bit too. I don’t usually shop there, so no idea if they would still have it or not. The fabric acquisition started back in February, and she finally turned it over to me in April.

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