The Heat is On


The heat, as they say, Is On!  Not the Miami Heat (which I think is basketball?), not the Mercury heat (again, basketball?) but the Heat of Summer.

Every year the local running club sponsors a series of runs, called the Summer Series.  Catchy phrase, don’t you think?  Each run is a 5k, or 3.1 miles.  There are five runs total: May, June, July and August.  Did I mention that 110+ degrees is not unusual here in Cactusville during those months?

There’s no charity involved.  It’s a chance for like minded individuals to wake up early on a weekend, get their exercise over before the heat of the day truly starts, and be able to feel smug and righteous as one swills beer and eats chips the rest of the day…or not.  Did I mention you can get a snazzy t-shirt for your efforts?  Bagels and watermelon wait at the finish.

This year, Prince Charming suggested we sign up.  I think he was feeling unusually frisky.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we lace up our Keds* and haul our butts out to the zoo.  This is highly functional pre-morning coffee.  No, we will not be chased by the lions, tigers or bears (Oh My!) but will be running around the canals that surround the zoo.  It can be quite pretty in that area.

The first run is always an age-related staggered start.  So, the oldest and youngest participants get to start first, followed by the next age group, until the stampede of speed demons (aka those younger and faster than we) is released.

I trotted along at my normal pace for the first 10 minutes before I heard the clomp-clomp of the approaching speedsters.  I was going to say pitter-pat, but really, there are waay too many people for such a petite phrase.  Soon, I was being passed on the left!  On the right!  One youngster, all legs and swaying ponytail loped passed – a gazelle in training.  Then I spied Prince Charming and we shouted encouragement to each other.  Lookin’ Good!

30 some-odd minutes later, we had finished!  It feels good to move.  There’s life in the ol’ girl yet!

*No, we really don’t run in Keds.  Yes, we have done the series before, however injury, work and some amount of laziness have prevented participating for many years.


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  1. 30 minutes?! Wowsers. For one brief moment my mind went to, “Hey, I should sign up with you!” and then reality hit me. My fastest time is 58 minutes. I surely wouldn’t be much company for you two speed demons! Glad you were able to get out and participate this year. Does it feel good to have one race behind you? *hugs*

    • Company is always welcome. I’d meet you at the finish line, bearing cold water and tasty muchies! It does indeed feel good to have one race completed. Only 4 more to go! Ha! Ha!

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