Does not at all feel like it’s on my side.  Less than 2 weeks to Sew-In 2011, and I have next to nothing fitted, cut out and ready to roll.  In fact, the envelope above is all I have to take.

That’s two “One Block Wonder” quilt tops cut out…and I’m not even a quilter!  Still, rather than put myself under gazoodles (that’s a lot!) of pressure to get patterns traced, fitted, muslins made, and all the rest that goes with garment sewing, at least this will give me something to sew.  I like the fabric, which helps.

What helps even more?  It’s all from stash.  Stash Reduction is in progress!  In fact, I have bought hardly any yardage since the first of the year.  Now wait, before you ask where the real Thunderpaws Threads ™ is, let me tell you that was one of my goals this year – to use as much of the fabric I already have in whatever I decide to make.  So far.  So good.

Still, with 3 1/2 days of sewing nirvana ahead of me, it would be nice to get a few more things, like, maybe, some clothes cut out and prepped.


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