California Phred


This is California Phred
He is 6 weeks and 3 days old

How does that song go?  Ooops, we ‘ve done it again!  Yes, we’re trying once more to introduce another new Tribe member.  We’re hoping that since he is so young, and another boy, that Max and Puck will accept him.  It’s been a week.  So far, so good.

Phred is like our current felines – a foundling, hand raised by our vet, the only difference being we’ve brought him home earlier than we did with the Hellboys…speaking of, they are teaching him all sorts of dirty tricks!

In just over a week, Phred has learned to go up and down the stairs, to climb out of his kennel if the lid is open, to scale the baby gate (which ahem used to keep him localized to a particular area) and to use the “big cat” litterbox (when it’s convenient).

 Phred still has a soft-sided kennel for containment, as he’s too small to have free run of the house.  It also helps me get work done, as I’m not wondering what he’s gotten into next!

The photo at left is for size comparison.  Max is a big boy, but so far, he’s treated little Phred well.  No claws, and only licks when he has the sprout in a head-lock.

So far Phred’s favorite toy is Puck’s fluffy tail, much to Puck’s dismay.  And our hands.  He has very sharp teeth.


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  1. Hello Phred! Welcome to one of the best cats worlds in all of Cactusland! Your paws are huge! I think you will grow up to give the boys a run for their catnip. I look forward to meeting you in person and fur in one week – keep those teeth sharp, I’m a coming into town!

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