Sew-In Workshop


This year the Sew-In had it’s first ever Special Event Workshop.  It was a whole extra day of quilting and creating with none other than Patrick Lose

Everyone had an opportunity to select from one of three projects to do.  There was a table runner, Flaky Fella,  a banner, Upwardly Mobile and a table topper, Suny Side Up.  I picked Flaky, as table toppers and banners are not my cuppa.

While I maintain that I am not really a quilter, the workshop was a blast!  Patrick has a sly, dry sense of humor, while his business partner Gary did a bang-up job of coraling the verbal chaos…or adding to it.  I forget which.

Both gave as good as they got from the 35 fiesty females attending.

All the projects were fusible applique, a technique I had never tried before.  This made for an opportunity to learn something new!

Patrick also did some demonstrations for the group.  One was how to meet up the ends of your quilt binding so it looks continuous.

I’d read about this process, and seen pictures in books, but it took seeing it in real life for the Eureka moment to happen!

He also showed a method of mitering the corners of binding to lay flat.  This tip alone was worth the class!  Who’d have thought it was so easy, and so simple, and involved sewing right off the edge of the binding!

Of course, with a group this large, not everyone pays precise attention to details…or as I informed Patrick, “I thought the words were only there for people who didn’t understand the pictures!”  Yup!  Guess who didn’t read the instructions?  Moi!

But you know, that turned out to be just fine, as all of our bobbles and blips become design features, making each project creatively unique!  Not once were the words “could have” or “should have” uttered.  The whole day was a delight.

This is how Frosty turned out. I think he looks pretty happy with himself.

This is how he should have turned out.  What can I say, we have wide tables! 


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