Butterick 5567


Flora Flaunts a Jacket

A little more detail on the jacket I made during the Sew-In.  The pattern is Butterick 5567, which is featured in the September issue of Threads.  I picked up the pattern quite a while ago, so perhaps Threads is following my thread?

I found the fabric on sale at a local upholstery shop.  While I was sewing, several folks came up to ask if it was drapery material.  I have no idea.  I just liked it.  It has a fairly beefy cotton for the weft, and a much finer polyester for the warp, making the jacquard design.  I just really liked the color, and it looks good on me.

Overall very simple to sew.  I made my usual forward shoulder adjustment (darned computer work!), and cut down the collar about 1/2 inch.  I no longer have the swan neck of my youth, so a shorter collar felt better.

Deviations from the pattern: lining.  The jacket is supposed to be unlined, which would make it even easier to sew!  I decided to line it.  The body fabric is a bit course (though with nice drape) and I didn’t want the jacket to be catching against t-shirts when worn.  There’s nothing quite so off-putting as struggling to get into one’s clothes, hence the lining.  I only lined the body, as that was all I needed.

Somewhere out there in Internet-land I read an article on sewing a Chanel style jacket where the lining is right to the edge.  No facings.  That’s what I tried to do with this one, but got flummoxed when it came to the hem.  So, I jury-rigged something which works nicely enough, but I still want to find that article and see how to do it properly.  And maybe I’ll rework that section.  Or maybe not.

So, what do you think,? Does this remind you of Great Aunt Coraline’s draperies?  Does it matter?

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  1. I like this very much. I have made this pattern in natural linen and in a slubby black and white tweed. I am still tweaking the fit. I like it with a large interesting shaped button at about the bust level or a little higher.
    I think your fabric is wonderful and elegant!

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