Simple String


Not all beading has to be intricate

Take the necklace and bracelet above.  Simple stringing.  What sets it apart in my mind is using graduated sizes of the black crystals in the necklace and a gunmetal clasp to keep the muted ambiance.

The necklace is quite close, sitting high on the collarbone.  Not quite a choker.  I made these to go with a shirt I wear a lot during the winter, which has the same color combination.

I have no idea what the peachy/pink stones are, though they appear to be manufactured.  Some sort of rock (quartz?) ground up and mixed with a binding agent, then pressed into lentil-shaped molds.  They may have been drilled by hand, as not all the stones had a hole directly through the center.

The crackle of the stones contrasts nicely with the shininess of the crystals.

Something creative finally accomplished this week.  Woohoo!


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  1. Nothing like “chanel” simplicity to bring out texture of the beads.You have to look close to see the graduation of the siezes on the beads. Good job.Unique combination of colors too.

  2. Very nice! I like the colors and the sizes. I bet when you wear this with your matching shirt, people give you a lot of feedback like, “Wow, it looks like that set was made for that shirt!” and you can reply, “It was!”

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