New Look 6873


Flora’s New Shorts

Here we are, most of the way through summer (well, end of July) and the current crop of shorts are starting to show their wear.  It’s been several years since new ones made an appearance.

These are New Look 6873, a pattern I’ve had for a while.  These were supposed to be a muslin, but careful comparison with my pants sloper, along with some pattern tweaking, has actually made them wearable.  Woohoo!

The pattern comes with a skirt, which I will probably never make.  The long pants are a definite possibility.

These shorts are made from a homespun-type of cotton, with my usual leftovers / scraps used for the waistband facing and pocket linings.  This works nicely, as the body fabric is a somewhat loose weave, and the tighter fabric for the facing provides more stability.

The waistband is a bit wider than usual, and there is a box pleat in the front.  Different from the traditional chopped-off-jeans style.  Last thing to do – buttons!

They are loose and cool.  Just the thing when the temperatures are consistently 105 and higher.  I know they will get a lot of wear.


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  1. They are gorgeous and for some reason seem very different from what you’ve made in the past. It might be the color. They look elegant and cool. Perfect!

    • I had to extend both the back crotch curve, as well as deepen it. Then had to take in about 1 inch in depth for the center front, to get the waistline where I wanted it. Basically what I did was us the self-drafted as a fitting sloper, and worked the purchased pattern to fit. Turned out pretty good too! I supposed I could have just traced off the self-drafted pattern then altered it to be that style…probably would have been the same amount of time either way.

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