Disco Blues


Flora Does Disco

Flora must be feeling frisky.  Here she is, doing her best disco moves.  The sparkly disco ball seems to have shed all over her shirt.

Another JStern t-shirt, this time trying out something I read about, which caught my fancy.  The initial inspiration was a young woman with colorful tattoos, who was wearing a lace shrug – the tattoos peeking through.  Then I read how Ann Steeves, over at Gorgeous Fabrics imitated this with mesh overlaid on a print.  Much less painful than tattoos!

So, here’s my take on the same thing.  The JStern T really lends itself to playing around this way.  I left the center front panel and sleeves mesh-only, and put a print behind the body for the rest.

In keeping with the deconstructed / tattoo look, I opted to leave the hem edge raw, and do a quasi-raw edge finish on the sleeves and neckline.  This gives just a peek of what the printed fabric looks like when it’s not hiding behind the disco curtain.  Everything made on the serger or cover stitch.

I think I’ll probably get one Fall / Winter’s wear out of this.  The mesh is not the best of quality.  The sequins have already started to catch on the mesh, and if separated too quickly leave tiny little snags.  Over time, I am sure there will be more.  But, for now, I’m calling it a successful experiment!


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  1. You’re killin’ me! I’ll meet you at Gallagher’s if you’ll wear it. LOL
    Honestly a cool idea. YOu think there is a lot of difference in the tee from JStern???

    • It’s just different enough. Doesn’t fit quite like a “normal” t. The seaming is different
      too, which makes it just a nice enough change.

      A girl can never have too many Ts.

    • Yes. There is bust shaping built into the front. The pattern also runs small. I traced a large, and I am not a busty person at all.

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