Jalie 2806


Flora and Phred

It was pretty simple sewing over the weekend.  Jalie 2806, a knit top with either neckline gathers or a lovely gathered pleat.  The pattern is short or long sleeved, but with temperatures still hovering at 105, I opted for sleeveless.

I don’t recall where the fabric came from.  It’s an ITY knit.  I know I was looking for light-colored prints to wear during the summer.  No comments about summer being mostly over.  Here in Cactusville, we still have at least another 2 months of 100 degrees, probably more.  It cools down to a chilly 90 at night.

The sewing went well enough.  With 1/4 inch seams, which is standard for Jalie patterns, the slippery knit did tend to want to skitter away from the serger knife, but it eventually worked out.

The fit is nice enough on, and the fabric feels good.  Alas, the cover-stitching on the neck band is not my best, so I’m designating this a knock-around-the-house top, rather than something I’ll wear out in public.


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  1. I like the coolness of the print, it reminds me of water and swimming pools. I like this pattern a lot though I have a heck of a time getting the pleats even. How about a little tutorial? I know it *should* be simple but still, I have problems. The gathers seems fine until I sew them. Baste over the gathers? Just shove it under the serger? Pray?

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