Race #5


This past Sunday was the last race in the Summer Series.  I felt pretty good that we made it to three of the five.  We usually miss one due to something or other.  This year it was visiting family – much better use of our time, and the other  just not wanting to drive to the far reaches of the valley in the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday’s race saw us wake up a little later than usual, but scamper out the house all the same:

  • Bib Numbers?  Check!
  • Keds?  Check?
  • Post race water?  Check!
  • Sunglasses?  Check!  One must wear sunglasses while running…it’s the coolness factor.

We got to the race location with just enough time to pick up our timing chips and lace them onto our shoes.  Perfect!  It was, you guessed it – warm.

The first half of the course was all uphill; most of it was gradual though that’s not always a good thing.  It was the kind of wearying uphill that taxes the legs and makes the arms pump, turning a corner only to find there was more uphill to go.  Did I mention it was uphill into the wind?

But, all that running up meant running down with the wind at our backs.  Woo Hoo!  Down the course we scampered, looking forward to cold watermelon at the end.  34:15 as a finish time.  Not bad, given I had to stop and walk some of those uphills.


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