Some of you may remember my upset with the hot mess at left.  I blogged about losing my favorite pillow to the evil denizens of the dryer.  Those are the remains of the trash bag, and original pillow ticking.

OK.  What actually happened is the fabric split while it was fluffing, leaving feathers all over the dryer.  Thankfully, most of them remained inside the pillow case, and I was able to scoop them into a trash bag.

After considerable hunting, I finally found pillow ticking at the local Big Box craft store, of all places.  The next challenge – could I actually get all those feathers back into a newly sewn, improved pillowcase?  Or would they take flight, and blow away on the wind?

The answer:  a resounding YES!  My favorite pillow is saved.  In fact it’s new, improved, and looking quite a bit perkier than it has in years.   I am very pleased.

The new pillow case turned out so nicely, I made a second one for Prince Charming, as his pillow was showing the same wear as mine, and had already been patched in several places.

Do you think the bright yellow fabric will provide pleasant dreams?

Does resurrecting my pillow fall under the Reuse, Refashion, Recycle mantra?  I have no idea.  I am just tickled to have it back.


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