New Look 6873: Repeat


While it is technically September, and traditionally time to think about fall clothes, with their dark rich colors, the truth of the matter is that it’s still over 100 here in Cactusville.  In fact, it was a lovely 109 yesterday.

So, Flora sports some new shorts.  Another pair of New Look 6873, this time in a mint green and white stripe.  The fabric is textured, but it’s not quite a seersucker.  A little thicker.

The last time I made this pattern, I fussed a bit with the waistband, getting it to fit, as Goldilocks would say, “Juuust Right”.  I migrated those changes to the pattern, but there was still some tweaking to be done.

Enter the November issue of Threads.  (And what’s with this being the beginning of September, but the magazine saying it’s for November?  What calendar are they operating on?).  I digress.

Anyway, this issue had an article about a different way of attaching linings that allows you to do alterations without completely ripping out the waist.  It works!  That’s what I used on this pair, and was able to remove a part of the seam holding down the facing, then take in the necessary 1/4 inch.  Perfecto!


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