Martini Anyone?


Flora prefers hers shirred, not shaken

Another Kwik Sew 3790, this time in an olive inspired print.  I like the ruching on the side, and the not quite cap sleeve sleeveless-ness of the pattern.  It’s a nice stylistic change from the traditional tank top.

The knit is a standard ITY, lightweight without being sheer.  I’ve mentioned this before with this pattern, but feel it bears repeating for new readers – it runs long!  So much so that I’ve taken nearly 3 inches out of it, and still have enough length put in a deep hem (1 1/2 inches).  Not a complaint, mind you, just something to be aware of.

Unlike a lot of styles for knits, I do use the facing pieces with this top.  They lend a bit more stability to the asymmetrical neckline, and help to provide a nice finish on the interior seaming.

Sewing this top is a combination of regular stitching to do the gathers and serging for the actual seams.  A serger is not required; a small stretchy zigzag would work too.

This top will help to refill the summer wardrobe too.  Some of the existing tanks have been looking a might tatty and stained.  It’s still warm enough in Cactusville that Flora’s Martini will see considerable use!


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  1. If you look long enough at the design, you could really get dizzy!! I do like the colors they could go with so many bottoms. I was glad to talk with you yesterday, NV is looking better to me. Do you know if Dana has an emaill? I forgot to ask Janet. I did call yesterday for their anniv. (9-9-99) but spent all the time talking to Paul, he is such a nice guy.

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