Skull – No Crossbones


In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day I decided that I needed something to wear.  Targét was having a T-shirt sale, and you know I can never leave well enough alone.  So, here you have it, my pirate shirt.  Not flouncy.  Not fluffy.  Absolutely not channeling Jack Sparrow, but suitable all the same, methinks.

A winter T, the color of a roiled up ocean, dark green with churned debris.  I like this color.  The added bits of sparkle are heat-applied skulls, courtesy of Qia Graphix.   They came in a package of 2000, so I think I have enough to last, well, the rest of my lifetime!  Very thin metal, with glue on the back.  The hardest part was deciding how to lay them out.

I think the sleeves need a little decorating too.  But not around the wrist, as I always push my sleeves up, and the skulls would scrunch.

Oh, and the shirt is not splotched – that is some sort of artifact from the flash and a dirty camera lens.


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