Studded Stripes


Flora and Max

Flora, with the able pawed assistance of Maximus shows another foray into heat-set studs.  The top was a second acquisition during the Targét sale foray.  The inspiration something I saw at the mall while dashing hither and thither.  Amazing how little bits of bling will catch the eye, isn’t it?

Triangle studs, again from Qia Graphix  I tried to space them out randomly, so they give a kind of jeweled collar effect.  The studs also go around the back, so one looks as good going as coming.  After all, one never knows when an exit will be as important as an entrance.

I like the twisting and turning of the triangles.  They remind me of snowflakes, though perhaps a more cyberpunk variation.

Max thinks I should leave this shirt on Flora, as it makes the perfect bed.  For those keeping count, Max is now 2 1/2 years old.  Quite the strapping fellow, isn’t he?


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