114 Days…and Counting


Yup, that’s right fans, today is the 114th day this year where Cactusville has had temperatures over 100.  Today’s high is expected to be 105.

It’s the end of September for goodness sake!  Time for things to cool down.  Alas, Mother Nature and her heat producing minions seem to have other ideas.  In case you can’t tell, I am tired of the heat. Which is rather unusual, because most of the time I handle it pretty well.

To alleviate my warm weather malaise, I went snoop shopping on-line.  Maybe seeing what the rest of the country, with more temperate weather, is looking forward to will help cool things down?

I found this, on the Dolce & Gabbana Net-a-Porter site.  Isn’t it yummy!

Let’s see now, I have some tweed in the stash, and probably a silk print to use as the lining.  Hmmm.   There are possibilities.

Going over the image with the “enlarge” option the actual construction looks so-so.   Certainly not worth the original $1045 price tag.  But, for a short time only, you too can acquire this masterpiece for a mere $627.  License, delivery and dealer prep are additional.

Still, I can see making this up with a modified version of Shannon Gifford’s stitch ‘n’ flip construction method.  Something so the vertical seams are on the outside.


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