McCalls 5857


Flora says it’s still warm enough for shorts

These are McCalls 5857, a pattern that’s been aging in the stacks for at least 2 years, possibly longer.  The plan was to sew up several pair before the weather warmed up.  Obviously, that never happened!

Still, today is in the 90s, and tomorrow 100 is expected, so I shall get some use out of these.

I used the pants sloper that I made at our ASG work shop back in February to adjust the fit.  This meant that I could do the majority of the sewing without all the fitting and twiddly bits, until it came time to put on the waistband.

The fabric is a cotton twill from the local Big Box Craft Emporium.  It was finished off-grain, so even pulling a thread across the width did not yield a true straight edge.  OK for shorts; I would not have turned this fabric into pants – the legs would have skewed crooked.

The pockets are my usual leftover print.  I put the label inside the pocket so the edges don’t even have an opportunity to scratch my skin.  Simple Sewing.  Shorts.


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  1. Simple sewing, Sewing you will actually wear. Love that sloper we made in the workshop. I use it for all my pants now be they shorts, pants, pj bottoms. They fit my bottom.

    No heat here, at least not in the mornings now. The flannel pjs are front and center.

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