Weekend with Louise – Sunday


Sunday, as I mentioned, was a Sit and Sew.  We arrived armed with our sewing machines and sample fabric mostly pre-cut to the necessary size.  Sometimes a little larger, sometimes smaller, but it all worked.

Today we would build ourselves a sample book.  Something to refer back to when our brains became filled with the trivia of daily life, and the wonderful techniques Louise demonstrated were pushed out in favor of the hoi polloi.  Hoi Polloi!  I say, who needs it!

What were all these samples?  Why, the techniques and hints that Louise had discussed the previous day.  Having taken a class from her before, I did have some of them.  But, there was one in particular, about constructing collar stands that I really wanted to learn – having tried to do so from print media and been woefully unsuccessful.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, this was the very last sample we made, and it was worth it.  Absolutely and completely!

Once again, our hosts, 35th Avenue Sew and Vac provided consumables – as in snacks and lunch.    Delicious!  I think they were a bit surprised at how quickly their garment supplies disappeared, not to mention the fabric.

A lovely, exhausting, engergizing weekend!

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  1. I am SO envious. Louise is such an amazing person with what seems to be an never ending source of stories and excellent tips and techniques. Would she come my way!!!

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