Waiting. Patiently.


These lovely rayon jerseys have been waiting for me since I cut them out at the end of September.  WaitingWaiting very patiently.  I finally got my serger threaded (no large feet, Bernice the Serger and I are long time friends) this weekend, and proceeded to sew them up.

They turned out wonderfully.  The fabric, a beefy rayon knit was actually a dream to sew.  I was concerned it would be slippery, like some of the ITY knits, but it wasn’t.  No skipped stitches even when using the regular sewing machine.

These two are both from HotPatterns.  The one at the left is a their Plain & Simple T in the bateau neckline variation.  Sleeveless, of course.  I had to cut the armhole down a bit, but that was the only adjustment to leaving the sleeves off.

The purple at the right is a free download from Fabric.com – Fringe Festival Scarf shirt – sans scarf.  I thought it best to leave the scarf off, since these are destined for summer wear, and I am prone to dunking things like scarves into my soup.

Lastly is another rendition of New Look 6569.  No adjustments on this one, as I’ve made it several times.  The shirring in front adds just enough interest.

I used fold over elastic on both the purple and green shirts.  Originally I had planned to use a contrasting color, then decided against it.  What you can’t see in these small photos is that the elastic is stitched with variegated thread, which provides subtle interest.

I know, tank tops in November.  Not something I’ll be wearing any time soon, even here in Cactusville.  However now they are finished, and I can move on to holiday sewing.  About time too, as Christmas is coming early this year.  Or rather GrandMeow is visiting early, and she will want to open gifties.  (Grandmeow – grandmother to the cats).


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    I can viusulize sevaerall of the recent bead pieces with these tops.
    I have a chirpater apptmt this morn and should ease some aches/pains before “black Fri” stampdee. ha ha

  2. Your mother is right, they are just lovely – fresh and cheerful. It’s good to see you sewing up a storm – what I have planned for today (in between making a pie and dinner). Happy TDay!

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