Relaxing colors of moss and lichen, with a hint of gold dust

Another bead crochet necklace with an Italian pendant for pizzaz.  These colors are a bit more subdued than the other pieces I’ve finished, but all the better for that, I think.  After all, a person does have to slow down and catch one’s breath every now and then.  I am reminded of shady trees and calm pools by the side of a trail.

Size 6 matte seed beads, strung green / brown / green to make the rope.  Opposite colored beads  in a shiny finish are added randomly for visual interest and continuity between the large-colored swaths.  The clasp is set off with shiny brown rondelles and matte green cubes.  I looked all over to find some dark gold 6s, thinking they would add some sparkle to the brown section, but there were not to be found.  No great loss though, as now that the necklace is finished, I don’t think they are needed.


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  1. I FOUND IT — I GOT THE RED DATE CALENDAR ON THE SCREEN. i am so proud that I was able to do it all by myself, yes, it was in the control panel with time, clocks, etc. and all I had to do was click on what I wanted, OH happy days.

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