I’ve been doing some beading the past couple days.  It’s been ages since I’ve done any cabochon work, and it’s nice to know that I haven’t completely lost my touch!  Yippee!

This is not a real Wedgewood cameo, but a resin knock-off.  Still, I think it’s pretty and suitable for the holidays.  A person does get a bit tired of the constant red and green theme, don’t you think?

The cameo is attached to a backing, then the bezel is beaded around it.  By decreasing the size of the beads, but keeping the bead count the same, you get the edges to curl up and cup the stone, so it doesn’t fall out.  Pretty nifty!  I added a pin back, so these are brooches.

Those are size 15º seed beads there on the inside of the bezel.  I don’t tend to work with them very much; they are too small for these old eyes.

These are gifts.  Our local ASG Neighborhood group is having their holiday party this Saturday.  One is for the white elephant exchange, where the preference was that it be something we’ve made.  The other is a gift for the hostess, as this is the first time we’ve had our holiday party at someone’s home.  I want her to know that opening her door to our stampede of sewists is appreciated.

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