More Relaxation


Another rendition of the Relax A Little pattern from Cutting Line Designs.  I am very please to have this one finished.  It went together quicker and easier than the first one.  Even better, it’s made from stash fabric, that’s been aging for over a year.  Happy Dance!

I shortened the pattern by 2 inches, and it is still about mid calf length.  I am fine with that, as I plan to wear it with boots.  I think the swishy black skirt will be a nice complement to beaded sweaters for the holidays.  The fabric is a jacquard weave, which adds interest, but is an absolute beast to photograph.  The picture at left was lightened considerably to try and show the pattern.  Doesn’t work too well, even with all the tweaking.

The fiber make up is some sort of cotton blend, I think.  Or maybe a rayon blend.  I couldn’t quite tell from the burn test.  The shop said it was silk, but that isn’t the case – it doesn’t have the grabbiness that silk does.


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  1. Black is impossible to photograph. Just can’t be done, at least I never have managed it. A lovely skirt that will swirl around your boots in an elegant way. It’s beautiful.

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